Blind tasting of a Greek Chardonnay: 2016 Papargyriou Winery Ca, ç'est Correct. Last year we were in Xylokastro, Greece visiting one of our favs - Yannis Papargyriou. You know him through his wines. The wines of Papargyriou Winery, particularly the Roi des Montagnes Cuvée and Unfiltered are amazing wines and hopefully we will slip them in [...]

Unless you are a die hard Greek oenophile, most likely you have never heard of Vradiano. Honestly, few years back this grape was unknown to my ears as well. But you should seek this wine. This is a grape steeped in antiquity and history. When Hercules finished his labors (chores), he came to Northern Evia […]

Sometimes plans change and that can be a good thing. We missed a ferry from Agiokampos, Evia to Glyfa. We had to cancel a planned stop at a distillery – I am seeking good tsipouro. Anyone? We were also planning a visit to the village of Sotirio. We had plans to meet George Kitos. We […]

They say you find beauty and love in unexpected places. Here’s an unexpected place. A village called Adam. Here you will find Wines of Adam. And Refosco. How do you get here? For the GPS challenged, if you were approaching from Sithonia, you drive towards Polygiros, then go past Prodromos and then climb into the […]