Wines for Valentine's Day

In the Robin William’s movie Dead Poet’s Society, Robin William’s character John Keating poses this question.

Keating: Language was developed for one endeavor, and that is – Mr. Anderson? Come on, are you a man or an amoeba? [pause] Mr. Perry?

Neil: To communicate.

Keating: No! To woo women!

I agree. That’s why we do most things. Getting a job, buying new clothes, cologne, working out etc. Wine serves the same purpose, probably more than the ones that I have listed and as much as the development of language.

In the movie Bowfinger, Steve Martin’s character pours a bottle of cheap Chianti into what looks like an empty bottle of Lafitte Rothschild and for good measure adds tap water!  All to impress his date played by Heather Graham. If you haven’t see that movie, let me say this that his evening evolved quite well!

With Valentine’s day just few days away, this is our topic of interest for this blog post. Without further ado, here are our favorite 5 for Valentine’s Day. Our suggestion is to serve them in the order as shown in this article.

Our first wine is:

Mastinell Nature Real Brut Cava.

So, this is a vintage (2007) sparkling wine from the Penedes region of Catalunya. This is not some cheap-ass bubbly. This is a twinkling elixir with fruit and verve and  a long finish. The “Nature” on the label indicated that this has been fermented to near absolute dryness. So, near zero sugar in this; hence calorically this is much lower than other wines. That is useful since with all the high caloric foods you will be eating (think meat, sweets etc), a low calorie starter is just the thing.

Label of Mastinell Cava Nature Real 2007 vintage

Our second wine is:

2016 La Tour Melas Idylle d’Achinos.

A Greek rosé with a Provencal twist. Pale, pale salmon pink with a nose that is all cherries and strawberries and floral. More strawberries with orange zest follows on the palate with pomegrenates and red fruits. . This will get the conversation started.

Robert Parker’s The Wine Advocate: 89 POINTS

Label of La Tour Melas Idylle d'Achinos

Our third wine is:

2013 Domaine Matray Saint Amour

Do I have to spell this out?! It’s from Saint -AMOUR!! It tastes delicious with anything you are going to have for dinner. And most importantly, it has a heart on the label. You are going to love this.

Wine Spectator 86 POINTS

Label of Domaine Matray's Saint Amour with image of a heart on the label

Our fourth wine is:

2012 Viña Las Perdices Don Juan Reserva

By now you are in the meat of your meal (no puns of any sort intended!).  Plush red wine blend with hints of pepper, spices, violets and dried plums, with tobacco, chocolate and vanilla notes. This is a complex wine We recommend decanting this an hour or so before serving.

Antonio Galloni’s Vinous: 89 POINTS


Labels Las PErdices Don Juan Reserva from Argentina

and finally:

2014 Chateau Villefranche Sauternes

This sweet golden nectar is a perfect way to finish your dinner. This Bordeaux wine is a blend of Sauvignon Blanc, Muscadelle and Semillon- mostly Semillon. Bouquet of pears and melons, the palate follows with notes of mangoes, quince, and honey. For an interesting twist,  drizzle on some ice cream.

Label of Chateau Villefranche Sauternes

We don’t want to take responsibility (or credit) for any consequences that may stem from trying our suggestions.

But, we would love to hear what you think of our choices. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.

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