Today was a special day.

We got to have one of our top 10 wines of all time! The journey to get here from Narbonne was beautiful and I find myself falling in love with this part of the French county side. We also got to see a vineyard that was unique like no other.

Reminding again that we were running on fumes that day. Heading back to our gîte that evening, our mission was get something to eat. We couldn’t go wrong as we were in France, right? Driving through Saint-Chinian, we realized that pretty much everything was closed that evening except the local pizzeria. We wandered in not knowing what to expect. Believe me, in most cases that is the kind of wandering you want to do.

The Pizzeria Tillou might probably be the only pizzeria in Saint-Chinian. Situated at the angle of the the D20 and D612, it is marked just by the sign “Restaurant”. By now realizing that our choices for the evening’s dinner was limited, we settled on pizza. 

The place wasn’t exactly packed and the local colors were a few gentleman sipping on some yellow tinted drink from tall glasses.

The pizza selection was actually quite impressive. While we were waiting for the pizza to be done, we struck up conversation  with two of the guys who were chatting up the chef. 

two men standing at the bar with a glass of yellow drink.

The pizza was going to take a while and we spend the time talking to them. One of them, named Claude convinced me to try the yellow tinted drink. It was called Suze which you have with lemons and a dash of Perrier.

Learn about Suze.

After a few glasses of Suze, we were all best friends. He told me all about his days in Paris working for the French Telecom and I told him about the big sky in Nevada and how people are the same everywhere. In case anyone needs an alibi for Claude, he was with us this evening!

The pizza at Pizzeria Tillou was very well made and we carried it to our place without incident. We had it with an unfinished bottle of Les Jalouses and like I said, this wine is something something. We will remember this evening. So will Claude!

Today was a special day.

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