On the French side of the Pyrénées-Orientales, in the valley of Maury, we found ourselves at Domaine de Vénus. Here we sampled some very impressive wines from Roussillon.

2017 La Petite Parisienne White.

Meant to be a fun white wine.It is a blend of Grenache blanc, Macabeo and Vermentino. True to it’s objective this is aromatic, fresh and easy drinking. Expected to $16.99/bottle.

Bottle of white wine on a table.

2013 L’Effrontée.

This is a Côtes du Roussillon. A blend of Grenache blanc, Grenache Gris, Macabeo and Vermentino, this was definitely one of our favorite white wines in recent history. Very floral and citrus nose as well as tropical notes including pineapple, oranges and fennel. Lively acidity and the finish is steely and long. Like we said one of our favorite whites. $25.99/bottle

Bottle of white wine on a table.

2017 Vénus&Co. Rosé.

I was expecting a very southern French rosé here and it delivers on point. Pale pink with Grenache and Syrah being the main players. Strawberries and melons dominate and it finishes with a bitter orange note. $17.99/bottle.

Bottles of wine on a table and a bottle of rosé wine in front with some wine in a glass.

2016 La Petite Parisienne red.

Grenache, Syrah and Carignan makes this easy drinking Cote du Roussillon. Sometimes you just want a fresh, juicy uncomplicated red wine and this one is it. Expected to $16.99/bottle.

bottle of red wine on a table with a glass of wine.

2013 Tentations. Côtes du Roussillon.

Only stainless steel and concrete around this blend of Grenache and Syrah. There is no oak here but the structure of this wine is exceptional. A full bodied red with abundant red fruits that we almost want to call it jammy, but the acidity holds it all well together. $21.99/bottle

Bottle of wine with some red wine in a glass.

2013 Passions. Côtes du Roussillon Villages.

Whereas the Tentations is mostly Grenache, here Syrah is the main player. A small amount of Grenache and Carignan are included in the blend. Although there is oak exposure (12 months), it is all in used barrels. All meat and black fruits and hint of smoke. Good mouthfeel and excellent finish . No price available at this time.

Bottle of red wine with a glass of red wine.

2015 Maury Blanc Le Péché.

Late harvest from Grenache Gris and Macabeo, this is a fortified white wine. Not overly sweet but has notes of passion fruit, pineapples and hint of lime. Quite an elegant wine. No price available at this time.

Bottle of white wine with some wine in a wine glass.

2015 Maury Red L’Envie.

The appellation Maury is given to vin doux and this is the red version. All Grenache Noir, also late harvest and fortified. Almost port like with some oxidative noted. No price available at this time.

A bottle of red wine on a table.

2015 Muscat de Rivesaltes. La Gourmandise.

The appellation of Muscat de Rivesaltes is not far from here. Made from Muscat à Petits Grains, this wine reminded me of roses, lychees and Turkish delight. Delightful wine. No price available at this time.

A bottle of white wine.

Organic cultivation. Terre d’Ocre

In the course of the evolution of Domaine de Venus, the estate plans to obtain organic certification for all it’s plots. Although all the vineyards are currently cultivated organically, the certification for the same is a slow and tedious process. For lovers of Rousillon wines, Domaine de Venus is a property you want to keep an eye on.

A person holding a roll of wine labels.

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