We came looking for Tempranillo. 2 days. Thats how long it takes jet lag to wear off. 2hours. Thats what it took to drive from Madrid to Ribera del Duero. If you are one who loves Spanish wines, you probably know about this place. If not, no worries. We can fix that. If Spain is [...]

How could one represent a wine that we have never tasted? So, a plan was hatched to visit Olmedillo de Roa. It was a long flight to Madrid and jet lag descended upon us like clouds in the valley. The garbage workers in Madrid were on strike and there was trash piled on street corners. [...]

My first contact with César Martin of Olmedillo de Roa was by email. We were a young company looking for unique wines with personality and a sense of place and we were just getting started. Bureaucracy demanded paperwork and César kindly agreed to provide a requisite letter by mail. I am the impatient kind and [...]