We sat down with Juan José Cerdan, Ilaria Martini and Carlos Garcia to taste some of the new bottlings of Bodega Cerron. This is a Jumilla estate. This is a Fuente-Alamo estate. They feel their provenance demands more than just being under the Jumilla blanket. Yes they do Monastrell really well as it is expected [...]

Jumilla starts here To understand Jumilla, you have to start in Fuente-Alamo. This working class agricultural town straddles the two regions of La Mancha and Jumilla. It also gives a vantage point to look at the whole region in perspective. From here, particularly from the vineyards of Bodega Cerron where 100 year old vines of [...]

A detour in the land of Don Quixote. "Fortune is guiding our affairs better than we ourselves could have wished.” -Don Quixote to Sancho Panza in Miguel de Cervantes’ Don Quixote Very often, this almost foolish sentiment rings true. But, when the sun has set, the stories you collect are the only meaningful currency you have.  [...]

There is a lot to talk about Spanish wine regions. But before we talk about Spanish wine regions, first let me just mention Rhode Island. Rhode Island may be the smallest state of our Union but the the total acreage of the Ocean State is 776,957 acres. Spain has more than 1,000,000 acres of vineyards alone. [...]

Blind tasting of a Greek Chardonnay: 2016 Papargyriou Winery Ca, ç'est Correct. Last year we were in Xylokastro, Greece visiting one of our favs - Yannis Papargyriou. You know him through his wines. The wines of Papargyriou Winery, particularly the Roi des Montagnes Cuvée and Unfiltered are amazing wines and hopefully we will slip them in [...]